What is an American Gem Society Member?

What is American Gem Society? (and what makes them so special)?

The American Gem Society is one of the most respected and oldest jewelry associations in the world. Society membership includes many of the leading jewelry firms and renowned gem experts.

The Society is particularly exclusive. Only 5% of all jewelers, designers, appraisers, and jewelry suppliers in the U.S. and Canada have met the standards necessary for membership in the American Gem Society. For a firm to become a member of the American Gem Society, it must meet a list of rigid requirements:

  • The firm owners, principals, or employees must have completed an accredited or graduate program from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  In addition, they must have completed further studies with the American Gem Society.
  • The firm must hold a reputation for unquestioned integrity in the business community and must be operated in a way that will enhance the confidence of the public in the jewelry industry.
  • The owners and principals must demonstrate that they are genuinely interested in operating their business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and that the firm exemplifies this belief.
  • The firm must have been in the retail, supplier, or independent appraisal business for at least two years and must demonstrate financial stability.

This is the level of commitment, knowledge, and ethical standards we show in our business dealings, and is why we pride ourselves as Members in the American Gem Society, an organization dedicated to “Consumer Protection Since 1934™”.

For more information please visit: http://www.americangemsociety.org/



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